Streaming Software won’t recognize Chat link

My problem is that the indicated Chatbot link to insert in the appropriate field of my streaming software does not work. The chat window is generated in my streaming software interface, but an automated message also appears saying, “The chatroom does not exist or is not accessible to you.” I assume this means I need to click a button on the Admin side. I am assuming my instance has Chat 8.0 installed. ( but I don’t see the Chatroom link in my menu on the left side of my Peertube interface…

Since a recording of chat is not included in the playback interface to accompany the recorded livestreams, I need to be able to insert a readable chat in the livestream broadcast screen itself. And it appears I can’t do that without configuration privileges since the chat link code (….etc etc etc) doesn’t work…

Am I making a correct assumption?


This is a know bug of the livechat plugin (i am the developer):

Your instance has disabled the chat for anonymous users. This brokes the OBS integration.
I have no fix for now, but it should be ok in several weeks (it is on my todo list).

Your instance (makertube) has set several settings that make the livechat plugin less usefull and user friendly (i can see it by checking this API):

  • they disabled anonymous chat (so you need a peertube account to see the chat)
  • they disabled the chat federation (so you need a peertube account on makertube, you can’t join with another Peertube account)
  • they disabled « channel configuration » (so you won’t have the chat bot, and wont be able to set features like slow mode)

I don’t know why they disabled these features. Maybe you could try to contact your instance admin to ask them why, and to ask if it is possible to enable these features.