Studio link missing in the 4.2.0 version to edit videos

Hi, I recently update the new version 4.2.0 in my cloudron instance to explore the edition of videos. The article Take back control of your videos! JoinPeerTube talk about a studio link but I can’t find it.

No link in then right sidebar:

No link in the menu of a video:


Any idea to fix it ?

There is a setting to enable (see the Changelog, or search in this forum, you are not the first to ask).

Enable this - Administration → Transcodage de la VOD →
Activer le studio vidéo (in bottom of options)
For editing itself, launch the video, and there will already be an editor in it.

Thanks @KoryIII I missed the setting and it works.
@JohnLivingston : I have search in the forum without success, search un the docs and in this changelog. I hope this topic help in the future the admins to find faster the solution.