Support PeerTube on Softaculous

Many webmasters will be familiar with cPanel, the interface widely used to mange one-click installations of applications on a website. Vesta is a popular, Free Software alternative to cPanel and is used by many hosting sites to help users setup and run their websites:

If PeerTube were included in the list of « one-click » install applications, a huge amount of friction would be reduced in getting PeerTube instances up and running. (Conceivably, it might be possible to PeerTube to collaborate with hosting companies which offer the Vesta control panel, and direct potential users to their services in a partnership.)

On the Vesta demo page, you can see that there is already a section to setup video. (ClipBucket, VidiScript and CumulusClips are currently supported.) It would be great to have PeerTube there too.

Vesta’s app installation is powered by Softaculous, (which also powers cPanel), so that might be the best place to try and have PeerTube supported.

There is a Softaculous page here explaining how to make a custom package:


It doesn’t look good for PeerTube on Softaculous:

Softaculous provides the scripts which are open source and in PHP

The script PeerTube is not in PHP and hence cannot be added in Softaculous."

Might there be a way to work around this? Are all of those Softaculous one-click-install programs PHP?

I agree that a low barrier way of deployment and maintenance is vital for wide adoption. But wouldn’t a container be a far better approach to resolve this issue? cPanel was popular in a world where VPS’es were way too expensive and people mostly had shared hosting. But this is 2020, not 2005. I doubt much effort should be put into this.

Some kind of container that would let PeerTube run would be fabulous. AppImage is strong on supporting Freedom and platform neutrality, but would it be easy to have a PeerTube instance connect with the internet from an AppImage? The good thing about AppImage though is that any bug reports would all be from the same environment. It wouldn’t depend on what the Operating System is really.

many if not all vps providers provide something like 1 click image install, like this


also, on a related note, i could NOT find any video on peertube on how to install peertube. i tried the new sepia search as well as global search. afterall, anyone who wants to install a video platform « should » kinda have a walkthrough on how to get started because thats just another medium besides documentation.

having these 1 click apps would make it dead simple to install peertube and i hope would help in mass adoption because the barrier of entry would be much lower, 5 bucks on vps, 8 on domain and you are good to go in 10 minutes. how does that sound?

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:laughing: This is so true. Monkey see, monkey do. There ought to be a gify depicting the installation process on the web page and of course, as you suggest, a video explainer hosted on PeerTube!

right. oh, just forgot to add a prominent name here, bitnami is very interesting in the way that it gives you one click access to offline install like virtualbox as well as on GCP and azure and aws.

Vultr use an in-house means of deploying applications using one-click installation. I don’t know what it is. Maybe similar companies use a similar method (using Docker or something, who knows?).