Testing livestreaming

Hiya, I’d love to test the new livestreaming feature.

I tried streaming on peervideo.ru but OBS instantly disconnects. I’ve set my stream resolution at 1280 x 720, maybe that’s an issue?

Does anyone have 3.0 up and running in an instance and has successfully livestreamed?

i can say the exact same thing. i have used two public instances but obs as well as android rtmp fails. dunno why. i wanted to see the latency but no luck so far

i just tested with a jitsi public livestream and that crashed also

Hi, this is my server peervideo.ru and for tests I was forwarding port 1935 temporarily to another server. Sorry, but it was necessary. Everything is set up correctly at this point. You can try to start a live broadcast.
I would also like to hear your opinion on the speed and quality of the server.

ok. this is super cool. i just signed up to your link and jitsi meet just works. does this mean the two instances i tried earlier had some configuration issue?

i did a test with streaming https://time.is/GMT url and sharing my screen.
interesting results.
i first used android « tubelab » app and it has a « normal » and two « torrent » and « magnet » mode. the normal mode gave me latency of 18 seconds. the torrent mode 20. consistenty.

then i opened the link in my browser and there i saw more latency viz 12-18 seconds behind tubelab. that is a total of 38-40 seconds in the phone browser.

Right. Probably other instances have not yet configured an external port for broadcasts. You can try to write to the administrator in the contact form so that they fix this problem.

can you check the link above and give your inputs with respect to latency?

I used OBS Studio for testing. The latency was only 22 seconds, although the developer stated that the transmission delay would be about 1 minute.

do one thing
open this is in one window

and this is next window

compare the time difference between the two.

i found that mobile browser is around 5-10 seconds behind desktop browser. dunno why. they are on the same network

Maybe this is related to the mobile Internet?

nah. i am on the same fiber internet. it seems to fluctuate on the phone though

can you confirm the port was not open by default when you upgraded the server? was it in the documentation because i feel like either this is not turned on by default or the documentation is not properly informing the admin about opening the port

The web server uses ports 80/443, while live streaming requires port 1935. I’m not sure if the documentation says that.
I had to additionally open a port so that they could get to my server via port 1935 from the Internet.

so you are saying it does not open the port by itself? why dont you raise an issue on github and @Chocobozzz could help.

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hey. i just noticed https://peervideo.ru has a badging « peervideo » on the top right corner of the livestream. is this intentional?

edit: badging as in watermark

Yes, this watermark logo is made on purpose.