The not findable video

Besides this scary title :scream:, I noticed that a peertube video was missing on my instance. I can’t find it anywhere.

The video :

The account in its intance :

The account on my instance :

My NSFW video config is : “Blur thumbnails”.

If you have any clues… Thanks!

There are some incompatibilities between betas, so maybe the video was sent by datagueule and your instance did not understand the message…

Try to find a video with as URL in your database.

Or unfollow datagueule and follow it again

How do you find out which instances your instance is federated with?
I picked an instance with a high quota, but it only follows 23 instances and only has 54 followers. Ugh. :confused:

I’ve already uploaded some videos, is there any way to move instances?

(Also, is there any way to write to instance admins to request they follow more instances?)