The video is being transcoded, it may not work properly

i have many video with message « The video is being transcoded, it may not work properly. » i know i can re transcode one by one use cli.
my problem is i have thousand video in my instance. i cant check one by one to find video not completely transcode.

This message is saying that videos are being processed. You have just to wait for the transcoding to finish. Go to this page to see transcoding jobs states: /admin/system/jobs

no processing at all. my server on idle. yesteday am doing bulk import 6000 video in a day.

Have you enable transcoding on your server? What’s in the server job lists? Nothing? Cancelled/Failed jobs?

nothing on job list, only completed transcoding video log. i see peertube normaly do transcoding jobs if import/upload new video.
may its happen because high cpu load and make it skipping to transcode some video?

Maybe related to changes concerning transcoding concurrency in v3.1.0? See changelog: