Theme customization?

I search the good way for modify mobilizon home page. I don’t find anyhting in the documentation nor in the forum…
Is it possible and supported ? (color, footer, homepage, picture)
I found that all css and pics are in /home/mobilizon/live/priv/static but I don’t want to broke something !


Some people have given it at try :

It is not supported because you need to modify the front-end and rebuild it, as we’ve moving towards releases as a default install mode

If you stay with a source install, you can change a few things in the following file to change the theme: You’ll need to rebuild the front-end afterwards.

With a source install you can track your changes with git so you’re fairly safe to perform changes.

The biggest blocker to provide an easy way to change the theme or provide a theme system is our CSS framework which doesn’t support CSS variables to allow us to change the theme without recompiling the front-end:

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Thanks for the explanation. I think I don’t have the skills to do what is needed at this point.
I will follow the roadmap and hope that it will be easier soon…