Thumbnail for videos doesnt show up on X (twitter)

Thumbnail for the videos shared to X (previously twitter) doesnt show the thumbnail, but not the same thing for youtube. (so its a peertube issue with x)



Note: Peertube thumbnail work well in discourse forum, or telegram, just not in X.

Have you correctly setup these settings?

Have you tested on ?

Or maybe twitter has once more broken everything…
(i have no more twitter account, i can’t test).

Has nothing to do with the above issue.

Yes, just peertube need to update/fix something, because im testing other websites in x, all showing up their thumbnail. (youtube, news website…)

Yes it could. Just read the popin text in the screenshot:

If your instance is explicitly allowed by Twitter/X, a video player will be embedded in the Twitter feed on PeerTube video share.
If the instance is not, we use an image link card that will redirect to your PeerTube instance.

Check this checkbox, save the configuration and test with a video URL of your instance ( on to see if you instance is allowed.

If you did not setup this properly on your instance, twitter won’t display your video correctly.

That peertube note is simply outdated, card validator is deprecated:

If you knew it, why did you just not say it? I have no more twitter account and i don’t follow twitter news.

So, I assume this issue is due to this deprecation. As it was working before.
If you have a github account, you can open an issue to explain this is deprecated, and ask for a fix.

it’s ONLY the validator which is deprecated. your issue maybe come from your server itself and CSP (Content Secure Policy) are you using ancestors or x-frame-options?

How it got resolved:

  • I had only enabled TLS 1.3 for the instance, so I needed to enable TLS 1.2 to make it work.
  • I had to set it to « player » which it would be thumbnail, since Twitter/X hasn’t whitelisted my instance yet, Therefore, the player isn’t shown, and we are only allowed to use the thumbnail.