To map custom domains to Frama services?

First of all thank you for doing amazing and much needed work with Framasoft!

I am using your services for multiple projects and interested to use for more projects and organizations, but for some of them I would need to run (at least) web pages with custom domain. Would that be possible? (I would prefer that over messy redirecting from other DNS with multiple links to multiple services)

If possible could you please send me the link to documentation how and if not please suggest alternative. (some of my projects and organizations would donate extra for this custom work if needed)

Thank you very much! Keep up the good work.

Hi, @qSPORT I think doesn’t possible to use a custom domain except for (and wiki) and the gitlab’s pages.

For my personnal use and they are lots of custom services.
Sorry for my bad english.


Thank you for reply!
I am sorry I do not fully understand you.

Where are the links to documentation
of mapping custom domains for
Framasite, Wiki and Gitlab?

(you could respond in your native language
and I try to translate automatically at least)

Hi, voici la documentation pour les framasite (wiki, grav & Noémie CMS). En tout cas une partie sur les noms de domaines personnels :

Et pour framagit et les gitlab pages :

En espérant que cela puisse t’aider… A+

there isn’t any documentation in english about it, yet.
To sum up: you can’t have any custom domain name form our services exept for framasite. We only have the french version of this doc, but you can try with in the meantime.

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Thank you for fast reply.

I think I will have to look up some French speaking tech friends to help me with as I think screenshots do not translate well even with deepL :wink: