Tomorrow : 1h presentation on PeerTube setup

Hi everyone, for 6 months now I setup and run my own PeerTube instance as I gradually removed Google from my life a couple of years ago.

We’ll explore :

  • why even bother?!
  • how to upload a video
  • how to stream live
  • how to configure as an admin
  • how to make your server with docker
  • customizing more with plugins and more, suggestions welcomed!

I invite you to check past episodes and if you believe the topic and the style could be interesting to tune in at tomorrow Tuesday April 6th at 3:30PM CEST. If you can’t make it worry not a recording will be added to the playlist shortly after the live.

Calendar link

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Hi Fabien, thank you for hosting this presentation <3

Mind if I tweet out info about your event via this Twitter account?

Edit: Here’s the tweet!

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Thanks so much for doing this… will be a bit late for me (AEST). Looking forward to seeing the replay.

Just had a quick look at your setup, not much different than what we build at

Question… how did you get rid of the weird logo that shows before live streams… (I am going to look for that now).


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Thanks for sharing.

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Glad if it’s helpful, the video is online now. Unfortunately for the logo before streaming… I’m not sure which one you are talking about but I can’t recall customizing that.