Transcoding failed

Hi Folks,

how to restart a transcoding job failed?
for various reasons a couple of transcoding failed so is there a way to restart all transcoding failed with a command line or else?

You can go there:

Filter by local video (or directly search the video you want).

And use the action menu:

(screenshots are in french, but you should easily find)

many thanks John!, never had such kind of intuitive habit to check on « overview Â» menu…

But John, is there a filter variable to filter failed transcoded I can write into the filter field?

Hum, no.
You can go to the system / local jobs (or system / runners jobs if you use remote runners), filter on failed transcoding jobs. Then, you can get the video UUID by unfolder the jobs details.

If there are a lot, you can try a SQL request directly on the database (i don’t know the table and column names, but it should be easy to get).

PS: maybe jobs are not in posgresql, but only in Redis. I don’t know.

All these manipulations with a big amount of video is very tedious to do.
I just hope we can find a way to add some batch features that simplify any kind of massive failed action or process…

You can select multiple videos, there is a batch action:

If you want more video on a page, you can change the number using the select at the bottom right.

If you still have too many video for doing it using the web interface, each of these action have an associated REST API, just check the doc:

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Ah ok I must you the API for that…
anyhow it would be nice to increase to 500 the max list btw.
Thanks Jonh!