Transcoding of previously uploaded video

I’m in the process to migrating from a low-end server to a much nicer one. That process went well and I’m nearly ready to switch the DNS. I’m wondering though is transcoding can be applied retroactively. I didn’t enable HLS and transcoding so far because it was unrealistic but now I’d like to facilitate access to a broader audience that doesn’t have always the best bandwidth. Most of my past videos are in 1080p 60fps without HLS and I received few complaints.

I noticed that exists so should I manually list the different videos I want then batch process those before enabling the new instance to « catch up » with the past videos or is there an easier safer way?


Yes it’s the way do reencode already uploaded videos :+1:

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Actually can you please clarify how to run the tools properly?

I check the documentation but that didn’t seem Docker specific and rather suggested re-installation from git which didn’t seem appropriate.

I then checked this other thread but while trying to run it (including with the wrong hash file, just to test) I get ECONNREFUSED so I assume some service is missing.

Anyway point is I’m confused on what to do after sudo docker-compose run peertube sh

I updated the documentation. Please try

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Super. Worked perfectly, just had to change the path to where I have docker-composer (in the home of the current user) then I was able to transcode to a specific resolution (e.g 480) and that was automatically made available in the player as a new resolution, very nice!