Trasmissão do jitsi para o PerrTube

Bom… estou querendo fazer uma video conferencia no Jitsi Meet:
mas quero replicar esta transmissão para o PeerTube.
Tem como?

Bueno… estoy queriendo hacer una video conferencia en Jitsi Meet:
pero quiero replicar esta transmisión a PeerTube.
¿Tiene cómo?

Good… I want to do a video conference at Jitsi Meet:
but I want to replicate this stream to PeerTube.
Have how?

Bien… Je veux faire une vidéoconférence à Jitsi Meet:
mais je veux répliquer ce flux sur PeerTube.
Ont comment?

One way to do that is to have an extra browser that connects to the jitsi meet conference, but without camera and microphone. Then, you record and stream this browser content with OBS:



Oh, they finally did it! :slight_smile: (last time I checked, it was only possible to stream to youtube)

It’s not working with my jitsi meet instance :frowning:
@adornorasta, tell me if it is working for you.

Eu não testei. estou sem tempo
I did not test. I’m out of time @JohnLivingston