Troubleshooting SMTP emails from docker container v3.11

I’m trying to troubleshoot why my instance isn’t sending out registration emails, but I can’t find the smtp logs. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I’m also investigating this. As of yet, I’ve learned nothing lol.

Would also be interested in where to look for SMTP error logs, also had issues sending out emails from my Mobilizon docker container. For me it was this: I was using starttls in my configuration (sending emails via port 587). This required me to set ssl to false and the tls to :never in the config.exs (leaving that to :if_available didnt work).


Guessing you used a untouched config/config.exs file, the log should be output on console. (what the line config :logger, :console, means. Indeed this is really backends: [:console], underneath) This seems to be a feature to Elixir framework.

However, guessing you set Mobilizon as a service (as specified in the installation process), the console output is limited to the service environment.

Anyway, I think you can output those logs via journalctl. Unfortunately, this privileged command (usable by admin users such root or account with sudo rights) will display all the system messages. I don’t know the name of the service for Mobilizon, so I cannot tell you what arguments to used to filter the output.

But what I can suggest is to execute the command journalctl -w in a console with a privileged user environment. So that, the journalctl shall output the few last line but, that’s the point, wait for further system messages. In that maneer, you should test the mailing again and you should see the last messages the system delivers. And, I hope, you can see messages concerning the mail issue you encountered.