Unable to embed Peertube videos in Wordpress

Hi all,

Since upgrading to Peertube 3.4.0 I have been unable to embed its videos in Wordpress. 3.3.0 instance videos still work as expected. In 3.4.0 videos I get the error in Wordpress: « Sorry, the player is not compatible with your web browser. Please try the latest Firefox Version ».

  • I’m doing this in Chrome and replicated it in Safari.
  • Tried different versions of Wordpress (from 3.7.1 to current), all displaying same issue.
  • Tried a Wordpress install on another server to exclde server issue: reproducable.
  • Only thing that still works, is embedding a Peertube 3.3.0 video, indicating it is an issue with Peertube’s latest version.


Could you paste the website URL that embeds the peertube video?

Sure, I made it public for the occasion: Trans rights orthodoxy and its discontents – Communist University

This is the original video: CU2021 summer - Trans rights orthodoxy and its discontents - linkse.media

Please see https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/issues/4403 that is the same issue

Thanks, using the iframe embedding code does work. So, it’s just changed behaviour then since 3.4.0 :slight_smile: