Unable to import video from URL/Youtube?

I am trying to import video from the url mainly youtube videos in both production and local but I am unable to import one. I was able to import one video in my production but after that I was not able to import.

I mainly got error which says:
null value in column "pendingMove" of relation "videoJobInfo" violates not-null constraint

if not then 404 error.
Thank you.


What is your server version? Are you using the nightly build?

I install the peertube’s latest version following the instruction from the documentation. I am sorry I don’t have any information on how to check the server version. Can you please guide me?

The server version is displayed on the page your_instance.tld/about/instance

So, I went to /about/instance page and based on this I am using peertube version 3.3.0.

Then your database is broken, try to use another one.