Unable to preview Video

Just for example Slack, When i paste the URL of YouTube video, I can see the video preview and can play inside Slack without opening a new browser. But when i paste the video URL from PeerTube, it only shows video thumbnail or video details only. Is there any thing that i am missing on this? Is the video preview made unavailable from PeerTube as a feature or the feature is coming soon?

Sounds like a bug.

It works properly on Twitter for instance : https://twitter.com/vincib/status/1347141367580020738

Maybe Slack has an allowlist of some kind?

Not only slack but the Mattermost and other chat platform shows the thumbnail only. Also, if there is no problem, Can you share me how you shared the video to show preview on twitter. I shared the URL and on clicking the preview it redirects me to respective PeerTube site. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

In order to enable video viewing in twitter, there is a setting to configure on the server.
Go to «Administration/Configuration/Basic», and see at the bottom:

Thank you for the twitter information JohnLivingston, Is there any way i could share the video preview using the video URL on other platform like Mattermost or Slack?

I don’t know, i’m not using these services. You will have to wait for someone else’s answer.

On the Slack subject: https://stackoverflow.com/a/66511890/10204399

Unfurling of inline videos is made possible by allowlisting specific partner domains. Currently, there is only a small number of providers which unfurl this way in Slack, such as widely adopted services like YouTube, Loom and Vimeo. Each has been added on a case by case basis. We don’t have any immediate plans to add further video unfurls such as this

However, the answer might be outdated, according to this documentation : Unfurling links in messages | Slack. You’ll still need to create and configure an app for each PeerTube instance, so it’s not really interesting.

Mattermost oEmbed plugin seems to use an hardcoded list of allowlisted websites:

Thank you for the information, I have implemented the above solution and it works fine :).