Update a local channel name with a simple SQL request


I know it’s a feature request waiting for time and discussion but on the QueerMotion.org instance we need to rename couple of channels named « USERNAME_channel » by default at their creation when registration was closed.

If we use a simple SQL resquest, which table do we update to ensure we have change this unique name locally and for federation ? (by federation, I mean followers)

If federation is too hard to update, maybe just updating locally would be also interresting since the most of followers are local followers accounts.

A simple UPDATE actor SET "preferredUsername" = NewChannelName WHERE "preferredUsername" = OldChannelName would be enough or we do also need to update another table ?

@rigelk would you have any tips ?

Edit : looks like inboxUrl, outboxUrl, followingUrl, followersUrl should also be updated in the actor table