Update Configuration error

Fresh docker instance of v3.3.0
When I click on « Update configuration » I get an error: Incorrect request parameters: signup.minimumAge

Where/how I can correct this?
Thank you.
I tried re-creating instance.


What is the value of Minimum required age to create an account in the Basic tab?

I have been looking all over where to change this value and I can’t find it anywhere. That was before I created this topic. Is there a way to set it via an ENV file?

Hum, I think there was an issue in the upgrade. Please follow: PeerTube documentation and check you correctly docker-compose down -v (-v parameter is important)

Much better. Thank you!

having same issue. on docker install / peertube 3.4.0 version.
following your link on the upgrade docker section, I did docker-compose down -v but no success, the configuration does not appear in the UI.
Something is unclear to me: I don’t have the production.yaml file the documentation mentions. I am unsure the file is needed, I only have a docker-compose.yml and .env in my production directory.