Updates and NodeJS version

Hi, I currently have Peertube version 4.0.0 with nodejs 12. I want to upgrade to 4.1.0 and I have read that nodejs 12 is not supported, but I am afraid to do both upgrades, is it a delicate process or do you think it will be ok?.

A silly question but, is there much security downside to stop upgrading versions as long as you keep the same server environment?

Is it possible to skip versions in upgrades?

In the company where I work we need someone to take care of this kind of tasks, is there anyone in this forum that offers support service for Peertube?

Thanks in advance


Unfortunately we don’t support LTS versions of PeerTube, so we highly encourage to upgrade to latest versions. Skipping versions in upgrades may work, but we recommend to do upgrades by step (4.1 → 4.2 → 4.3 instead of 4.1 → 4.3).

Yes, you can contact me or @JohnLivingston

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I guess you mean « There is no LTS versions of PeerTube »? (Just to avoid any confusion)

Thanks for your answer, do you think the node js update will bring me problems?