Upload a video stored on a machine without a GUI

If I have a video stored on some remote headless server, how can I upload it to peertube?

Is there some way to upload with a text-mode browser like lynx (I tried lynx but it failed right away for lack of Javascript support)?

I’d rather avoid the large download+upload across my home Internet connection

Get the direct URL to the video and use the video imort feature, pasting said URL in the form. Your PeerTube server will then proceed to import the video in your stead, saving you the bandwidth.

No. We give two ways: either by using the web interface (which requires JS) or by using directly our API, for which you are better off with curl.

Hmm… I’ve seen references to such an « import » but I can’t see how to do it.
I’ve looked as exhaustively as I could through the UI but can’t find anything that says « import » or that lets me put a URL. When I click on « upload » the only option I have is to select a local file with the usual file selector. Is it a feature that can enabled/disabled on specific instances (so I’d have to ask our sysadmin to enable it)?

How would I use curl … ooohhhh I see: the documentation of the API actually shows how to do it with curl. Nice, thanks.

Yes, you can check your instance’s features in its about page.

Regarding said import functionality: https://docs.joinpeertube.org/#/use-create-upload-video?id=import-with-url