Upstream existing developments


We’d like to inventory existing « patches » (custom developments) in the various Mobilizon instances.

I have in mind that @potsdamn and @hrenard have some, would you participate in this upstreaming operation?
Basically we need to have access to your code (maybe it’s published somewhere already?). Then we might have some functional questions, and of course any kind of feedback or input is more than welcome.

Are there other developers / instance administrators who have custom development and would be interested in getting them upstreamed in the latests version?

Thank you all.

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We as the collective have multiple changes, that were created by us and many other contributors with similar use cases. From the beginning, our goal was to eventually send these changes upstream again.

The code for that is hosted here: Our Mobilizon fork of - mobilizon - Git repositories für

Our main branch is merged daily with upstream’s main, to make sending patches back upstream as easy as possible.

This code as is is currently deployed on the following instances:

The majority of our changes and goals are already laid out in depth in this Discourse post: Using Mobilizon for regional leftist subculture calendar platforms

The remainder of the changes would be for easier deployment on NixOS, which is our deployment framework for the servers.

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Many thanks for sharing this information, it’s of great value.
So we know where to start @setop !

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Hi !

The container image used by IndiHosters is built from here : indiehost / / Mobilizon Image · GitLab.

It contains only 2 patches to Mobilizon :

  • add the possibility to show only posts in the group view
  • convert unsupported characters to _ instead of nothing in username
    And we also patched the Dockerfile and config to fit our need (k8s & oidc)

Thanks @hrenard !

I created entries in the git:

I wonder if we should upstream it as is. You wanted all your users (and only users) to have access to the posts from the official group, right? But only posts events as individuals, and not from the group? Feel free to read and comment the issue.

Regarding the « _ » instead of " ", it seems to me that it’s different but not better. Is there a specific reason why you did that change? Let me know, if you think we should upstream it. Else it’s also OK that you keep this dev.

Thanks for wiring the issues.

Those are more workarounds than proper patches. Maybe the css class via env can be merged as is, but the rest needs serious rework…