User cannot upload to Peertube, but can upload to everywhere else, most users can upload fine


I have just been informed by one of our Peertube instance users that he cannot upload files directly, hasn’t been able to for 2 weeks. Uploading to Lbry, Osysee and other places, not an issue. So he’s been uploading via URL from other streaming services. Most users seem to be unaffected by this, it’s not something we noticed or ever had a problem with.

The guy has changed internet providers during this time, still no dice, so that surely eliminates the issue as being a blocked IP or the internet provider playing silly buggers. Doesn’t work with Firefox or Brave, apparently. I have suggested installing and trying Tor Browser, see if that works.

We don’t have any ideas, wondering if you guys have some.

Are there errors in the browser console for that user?

Not sure, I’ll ask him. And direct him here, I think. He has an account for this forum already.

Sorry for the late reply, it was nothing to do with us, it was an issue with one of our users and his ISP. Case closed.