User Unable to Login

I have a new instance GameNight.Host. I have one user that is unable to login. After submitting his email address and password the site just stays on that same page. If he tries again he’ll get a « too many requests » message. He has tried a password reset and has tried different browsers on different computers but gets the same issue. I don’t see any settings in the Mobilizon administration console that would indicated the person is locked for too many failed attempts. Any ideas what would be causing this?

Does he receive the email for the confirmation? I had similar issue when sending email is not working.

Yes, he received the email.

I think we discovered the issue but required some backend administration.

User 1 had an email address and was going to change that address but didn’t complete the process. (no email sent). Instead user created a 2nd account with that new email address (didn’t say email address was already in use.) Nonetheless there email address was in the database twice with different users.

As part of this process we wanted to delete the user via the UI. We learned that it only suspends and doesn’t delete. What I found odd was that there isn’t a way to reinstate a suspended user.