Usernames without subsomain

I have Peertube running on a subdomain,

We would like usernames not to require the subdomain.

For example we would like people to be able to follow instead of

Is this possible?

As a followup or additional question. Is the above possible if I were to implement similar functionality for other Federated netowrks as well.

For example, if have Mastodon on one subdomain and Peertube on another. Could both Mastodon and peertube be followed with instead of, or will they conflict since both use ActivityPub?

Your question is akin to asking if one could send a mail to joe. Mail has users on domains, and so is ActivityPub. This is a common choice for decentralized applications, since the other way is to have a resevable resource, a difficult problem for decentralized applications that is represented by's_triangle.

Usernames will IMHO always require their domain part.


They will conflict, since they have different canonical URIs and keys singning their activities.

Thank you for taking the time to answer this @rigelk

As to « why drop the subdomain »:

Since I have mastodon on the same domain too and Mastodon does support dropping the subdomain from the username I just think it would be a little more convenient if people could use the same username@TLD to follow me on Peertube and Mastodon

Mastodon uses an entry under .well-known/host-meta
As is decribed here to drop subdomain from username

I was wondering if something similar is possible with Peertube

If not maybe I will switch to a setup instead of just to allow for a (minimally) shorter username :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your great work on Peertube @rigelk. I love it!

No, it doesn’t officially support it.

Not now, since we don’t differentiate local and web domains at the moment. Maybe open an issue? If it is easily implementable, why not :slight_smile: