User's cant modify their votes

I really like Framadate, however I did notice recently that users can;t change their votes

« Your vote wasn’t counted, because someone voted in the meantime and it conflicted with your choices and the poll conditions. Please retry. »

I have configured the pool « All voters can modify any vote »
Is this intention or a SW problem?

Thank you!

I have tested this furthar and I believe there is a problem/error with different behavior while you use the Optional parameter « Limit the amount of voters per option ».

In the pooling mode, it allows the « green vote » up to this limit while in the « edit » mode (after clicking the pencil icon), the Limit the amount of voters per option is considered for all the votes regardless of the symbol (so it counts even for the empty vote -"?").

Can someone confirm my understanding and findings? This feature is not documented much

I guess it’s related to this issue.

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Hi, thanks. Indeed - it seems to be similar.