Using Peertube as a backend for transcoding

Hello there,

We are building a video share website from scratch, and we are interested in using Peertube as a backend to transcode videos. In this scenario, all videos will be uploaded to Peertube through the API and user won´t interact with the Peertube UI, furthermore the videos will be set as private in the Peertube backend.

So in our custom platform made from scratch by us, once a user click on a video, it will be sending a request to the S3 object storage and not to Peertube, then the user won´t literally interact with the Peertube UI. Furthermore, the Peertube frontend won´t be accesible to users.

Can we use Peertube for this matter? Do we need to publish anything publicly in the Peertube fronted?


You have to follow the same license everyone else follows.

Yes I think you can use PeerTube. If you install PeerTube without modifying its source code, and just interact with it as an external tool using its REST API I don’t think you have to publish your front-end

Awesome many thanks, and congrats for the good work. We will contribute with a plugin to the project since we need to customize the transcoding settings.