Using Peertube as a torrent index

Is there a way to use Peertube as a pure torrent index?

The idea is to decentralize as much as possible the file storage to allow running a server with very low bandwidth. The user would be discouraged from streaming directly from the server and encouraged to download the video from peers and keep sharing it with his torrent/IPFS client for future peers if he thinks the video is worth it.

In this scheme, users could also use peertube as a local network streaming service with the video they downloaded. This was the idea of wetube (closed source) that was intended to be compatible with kind of raspberry general public boxes but the project seems stopped.

Stremio is a free software suite with high quality desktop and mobile clients allowing to watch videos from multiple torrent or streaming sources with cache support. Building a peertube plugin for stremio would be a good way to solve the use case I present in the first post. The only remaining thing would be to allow user to manually manage local storage instead of limited size cache.