Verification Page won't redirect properly

So, I have a lot of issues with the User Interface of Peertube. Its become a common issue I’ve seen that Independent platforms like this and Mastodon don’t really have good UIs. But 1 huge issue that both Peertube and Mastodon have that really makes it hard to even enjoy this content, is after clicking the Verification email link, it sends you back to the log in page. If you, like me, think this is just a formality like a lot of other websites that have you log in after verifying, you’ll be really frustrated when the website, after hitting send, sends you back to the short verification page, and then back to the login page, as if you didn’t bother logging in.

Repeated attempts don’t fix this, but if you look to your left, you’ll see the website has already logged you in, It just wants to be a dick and keeps asking you to log in anyway.

A lot of the other problems with the User Interface can be ignored as “unpolished”, but this bug is a huge issue and can very likely deter dozens of users from actually using the website, if after going through 5 different links just to register an account, you hit a bug like this. You’ll think the website doesn’t even work and you’ll just keep using Youtube

Please create an issue: