Video playing choppy... Cache too slow or...?

When I tried to play video clips in my instance ( I found video playing quite choppy, i.e., play for a few seconds then paused, then play another second, then paused again, … and so on.

For example when watching this: A Day In The Life Of The Buddha by Bhikkhu Bodhi - 軟體自由協會 PeerTube 影音平台

I have to pause it and wait for several minutes so that I can play it smoothly.

I have no idea how peertube caches the stream… not sure if it is because of p2p connection or not. But anyway when watching almost all videos on YouTube I rarely met such choppy playing. It’s very much about the user experiences… do you have any idea about the stream caching, and any way to improve it?


Enabling HLS transcoding on the instance should fix this issue. See PeerTube documentation for more information

In my configurations I enabled WebTorrent and HLS. Should I disable WebTorrent? I tried disabling WebTorrent and leaving HLS (which is grayed out when disabling WebTorrent) checked but it was still choppy watching the video listed above. Do I have to check new videos or reload/cache the video?

Thanks for your reply!

After changing the configuration, you need to re run transcoding on old videos. You can do that in Administration -> Overviews -> Videos page


Hey even I am facing the same issue!

After using and transcoding all the video to hls I don’t have this problem anymore.