Video stalling with bufferStalledError

This video lags at 4s roughly (PeerTube 3.1.0, Ubuntu 18.04) with an error message HLS.js error: mediaError - fatal: false - bufferStalledError. Then, it restarts and works again. The effect is very predictable and happens with Chrome and Edge alike. This video was produced by importing this YouTube video, activating all the resolutions from 240 to 1080.

Edit: the player bar has a greyed out 1px at 4s. I am wondering if there is not a fringe rounding error in the slice length as produced by HLS. I have re-encoded the video in 1080px only with a very slightly different MP4 file, and the problem does not happen.

I don’t know what is wrong here. Does anyone has something to suggest to avoid this problem?

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I think it’s the player quality upgrading the resolution between 2 frames

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Thanks a lot for your follow-up. I might be barking at the wrong tree then. I should maybe be forwarding this case to the attention of the hls.js team. What do you think?

We still have an upgrade to their latest version to do first :slight_smile: