Videos can't be played "HLS.js error

Hello all,
I have a problem. When I want to watch a PeerTube video I get this message « HLS.js error: otherError - fatal: true - internalException » What does this error message mean, what can I do?


Was translated with DeepL from german to english.


Could you provide the URL of the video, please?


so my main instance is « ». But it happens with all videos no matter from which instance.

Here is an example video "Vorschau auf Debian 12: Xfce (Teil 2) - move IT Tube

No idea?

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I think you probably have a blocker like uBlock Origin which is blocking videos coming from other instances.

Can you please check if you have one and disable it then try again? Thanks.

Yes I have ublock origin in medium mode.
Only there I do not get any BLOCKS displayed. Have him also turned off for the whole page but everything unchanged.

Ahh found it. It was JShelter → JavaScript Shield.

Now it works.

Thank you.


I let you indicate your topic as solved then!

Have a good time!

Thank you :v: