Watching in NewPipe does not incriment video views on Instance

From my observations, when you watch a PeerTube video in the NewPipe app, it does not add to the view count for the video on the instance. You can confirm this by adding a PeerTube instance to NewPipe and going to a very obscure video with 0 views and then watching it (for more than 30 second) in NewPipe. You can check the video on the instance and it still shows 0 views, even hours and days later.

Is this just how NewPipe fetches videos and it can’t trigger an actual view for the video on the instance? Or is it something related to how PeerTube handles these requests?

NewPipe has to notify PeerTube the user is watching the video using PeerTube

Ok, thanks. I’ll open this issue with NewPipe and see if they can add the ability to notify the server the user is watching the video.

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