Webhook for "Transcoding complete" and "Moved to object storage"

Looking for direction here. Working on a project that does some uploads. We need to get some sort of notification via webhook when a video publish is completed. We need feedback for the status.
Is this possible? - Is there some sort of example or documentation for our team?

Could you use ActivityPub?

If your remote code use ActivityPub to subscribe to your instance (follow @peertube@videos.example.com to get all instance’s updates), or to a specific channel, it will receive updates through this protocol.

The received video object contains infos, and you should be able to detect if the publish is completed or not (there is a field with that info, and don’t know its name, but should be easy to find in the documentation).

To be honest I don’t much about ActivityPub and how it works. Is there a good place to start? I will look into it.
This does sound more complicated that a webhook…


PeerTube doesn’t provide webhook yet. Can you detail your use case? I think you may be able to develop a plugin and use server hooks: Plugins & Themes API | PeerTube documentation

Our project includes bulk imports. Everything queues fine, until the local drive is full. (bad) We are looking for ways to flow control the imports to not fill the disk. We can get TB’s very quickly on the system loaded into the queue before they are finally moved to s3.
The best tool right would be an API query as to how many videos are in the queue, and even better, a query as to how much space is being used by the temp queued videos.

You can’t use PeerTube to see how many jobs are in the queue?