Webmail like yahoo

I’m looking for a webmail email account. Is that present here in Framasoft? does Frama listes provide that?



no, framalistes is not a email account. We don’t (and won’t) provide email service but you can find alternatives here: https://degooglisons-internet.org/en/alternatives#gmail


Thanks a lot @spf .

Would you say this clearly on the FramaSoft page in english that no email accounts available. And index to the link you mentioned also clearly in the english version of Framasoft.
I also know other alternatives of GMail. Namely: Mailfence

I wonder why you didn’t mention them! Are they not trustable?



I added an entry in our faq: https://contact.framasoft.org/en/faq/#framamail

This page is not intended to reference every alternatives, just some.
We add only free software, and, as far as I can see, mailfence is not free/libre :thinking:

Disroot is often mentioned in our pages of alternatives to the services we close: https://alt.framasoft.org/ (framadrop, for instance: https://alt.framasoft.org/fr/framadrop)

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Thanks @spf

I hope you all survive long in this unfare competition between us the people and the corrupt people in the governments that want to suck our bloods and control us. I hope you survive because it seems you’re willing to perfection since you added a subject to clarify more your service.
Since you trust Disroot in Framadrop so why don’t you mention them as an alternative email service? I hope you add alternatives to the list each time you learn about a new good one. Even as you did by adding in as FAQ or any where else.
Another thing. Of course everybody is curious to know why you’ll not provide email? this’s for sure an FAQ.
Mailfence is for no money. But please tell me how you figured out they’re not libre. Because I use their email. So if they’re like google I’ll not use it.