WebTorrent not working

Hello everybody,

I’m seeking advise in how to enable WebTorrent as it seems to be not working for me.

When I first configured PeerTube I decided for some reasons against WebTorrent and instead only HLS. Now I was reconsidering my initial thoughts about it and switched WebTorrent to on in the admin interface of the instance. However while watching a video I always only have 1 Peer displayed on the video player.

My thought was that maybe I have to set this in the production.yaml file, so I did so and restarted PeerTube, but still only 1 Peer regardless of me having multiple browsers open playing the video. Or friends watching the video at the same time as I do.

The system is set-up running Peertube 2.1.1 with nginx in front of it.

Thanks in advance!


What is your video URL?

Thanks for your quick reply, and sorry for the delay, just had a busy weenkend.

(URL send as PM)

Thank you Chocobuzzz to hinting, that enabling the tracker will help with using WebTorrent to be used for streaming the video as well.