Weird captioning UX

On PeerTube 3.1.0, the UX for the display of caption is weird. PeerTube displays the caption over 2 lines by inserting the new line at the top. This breaks the usual reading pattern from top to bottom. The line at the bottom comes text-wise before the line at the top, which antagonize all readers of Western languages AFAIK.

Here is a a video with English caption on PeerTube

The same video, with the same English caption on YouTube

It would be really nice if PeerTube was adopting the UX of YouTube for the caption. Two key points are: (a) no overlap between caption, you go from one piece of text to the next (b) caption reads top first, bottom second.

This change would vastly improve the UX of captions on PeerTube.

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Could you open an issue?

Done! See Improve captioning UX · Issue #4221 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub