What are the differences between Gitlab.com and Framagit?

I am considering different options for hosting repositories and I wonder if there is a big reason for using Framagit instead of gitlab.com. Does anyone have more information about this? Thanks!

Both are instances of the same free software, called « Gitlab ». Gitlab.com is hosted by the editor of the software, whereas Framagit is hosted by Framasoft. Gitlab.com is therefore much bigger and central.

I’d have an account at Gitlab.com to be able to work with as many communities as possible. I’d rather use framagit to collaborate with framasoft’s community. Or just because I’d be in love with framasoft <3

Thanks Toover! Wtthat I understand is that the visibility (and therefore participation) of a software project is bigger in Gitlab.com, do you agree with this?
I have heard that Gitlab.com uses AWS whereas Framagit doesn’t, but I haven’t found any evidence of it. I also read that Framagit only hosts Free Software projects, but the reality is that you can still create private repositories.
It’s fair enough that Framasoft decided to set up a new Gitlab instance for their own use and extended the use to anyone who may need it, but I wonder if the best option to support the project is to use their resources when there is not a massive difference with the main instance, Gitlab.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thanks!


They are on Google Cloud in the USA. It can be a no-go for some, but it’s reliable. I suppose Framagit would have a fairer host. So it’s a good choice, especially if want to keep the data in the EU.

IMO if it’s for open source I don’t care. If it’s private and for a company, I’d run my own GitLab on my preferred host (and I’d find it among the green ones).