What is Peertube's monetization plan for content creators?

Is it going to be nothing?
Do we get ads?
Or are we going to get support buttons eventually?

Je personally would like to see monetary support buttons similar to like buttons avec stable cryptocoin coins as default like Tether and Euro stasis.

hi @folaht,

Channels/users can already decide of a free-form support button content displayed below the video, asking users to support them however they like.

Concerning ads, we have already written at length to explain our current stance towards monetization. There we also hint at our way to bring ads in PeerTube: via plugins. The plugin API in PeerTube is still recent, so I don’t know of a stable plugin bringing ads yet (though some are in the works). You are welcome to add yours.

Concerning monetary support buttons, they could be added in the existing support button window, via a plugin.


Ah, que merveilleux !

Si c’est le cas, then there’s plus deux points to go.

  • Cryptomonetization
  • Visible on all autre peertubes.
  • Having my self-made conlang accepted on peertube.

the solution proposed to people who upload videos is to use the “support” button under the video. This button displays a frame in which people who upload videos can display text, images, and links freely.