When I start dev:client I get no output

I just get:
Cannot GET /client/index.html/
looked in the client folder index does not seem to be there.
Any help gratefully received

what is your console output?

I am sorry I am such a newb, do you mean my terminal?

yes - not your browser console since the page is obviously empty and not executing anything, but your terminal. It should have some things to say about what went wrong since you typed npm run dev:client.

I am getting a whole page of writing about video streaming when I connect the browser to the server I get

[HPM] GET / -> http://localhost:3000/client/index.html

Another option, as you seem to have trouble getting started, would be using GitPod via https://gitpod.io/#https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube, as mentioned in the development documentation.

yes I am trying that at the same time but I am having different problems with that.

The index.html is there it is at client/src ?

I found the answer.

I simply cloned PeerTube again everything working