Where put this file in doc?

I contacted @tcit via Mobilizon-dev on matrix about a question on structure of code.

I proposed a PR to included his answer directly into the code (because it is very useful to prevent a long reverse engineering).

But @tcit and me agree that it should be better to link this file into the main documentation(https://docs.joinmobilizon.org/fr/).

So, I am asking to community of users or advanced users where you prefer to see a text copying content of this file into the documentation.

After your answers, I will prepare a PR on https://framagit.org/framasoft/joinmobilizon/documentation to propose to include this.

As therer are so many places to put such information, I prefer to ask a small tip before creating the PR. I have the experience that this way could reduce the long Q&R on a PR that is not the better place for long talks

Thanks a lot

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@setop please have a look

I have just created this pull-request on documentnation repo.
Thanks for your reviews

I’d rather have a link to the originated document than a copy of the text.

The text in the PR has already diverge from the document in mobilizon repo docs/dev.md (js/src replaced by src).