Where to find UUID of a playlist on 6.1.0?

I’m trying to find the full UUID of a playlist I’ve created, and it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere?

It used to appear in the URL when editing the playlist, but now it shows short UUID which doesn’t work when editing the custom front page.

Does anyone know how to find the playlist UUID on PeerTube 6.1.0?

I took a quick look at the browser and I couldn’t find it either.

You could use a function to convert the short to long, but I understand if you want something more straightforward.

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Guess this means it’s now impossible to add playlists to the custom home page any more :cry:

My instance uses them quite a lot (https://fedi.video) to help beginners discover topics. Such a shame I can’t add to it any more.


This is a bug I’ll fix, PeerTube should be able to accept short UUIDs in the homepage too.

As a workaround the playlist UUID is still available in embed URL (share modal then select « embed »)

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Ooooh, brilliant! Thank you, and thanks for such fast response too!

And the workaround works fine too!