Where to host peertube

I LOVE the decentralized concept of peertube. I want to put it on my website. Currently the site is on a free server with basically a splash page, so I have no problems with transferring the current content to a new server, but I am having a difficult time finding a server that will host a peertube instance, or that will allow me to access the root, without charging $50 a month or so.

I don’t want to configure a home server to run this. I want to find a public webserver that can run peertube and that can do it relatively cheaply, $5-10 / month.

Please give me names of servers that offer reliable service at a reasonable rate. So far, I’ve found too many sites that have introductory rates of a nickel, renewable at exorbidant rates.



I have found many good deals at lowendbox.com
4vcore, 12gb ram, 500gb storage, $5 a month is one of the best i’ve found so far, I’m using it currently for peertube.us.to
If you’re worried about going over 15TB of data you can go with these guys with less ram/storage but unlimited bandwidth for $48 a year.

If you don’t plan on live streaming you can get by on fewer cores and save even more money.

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