Who can I contact about translation

I have corrected and completed the Polish translation of Mobilizon, so it is now almost 100% complete. But there are issues I cannot solve on my own:

  1. It would be practical to contact the person responsible for the previous translation or the person in charge of the Polish version now.
  2. Translation of the mobile application is permanently blocked, so I cannot edit it, even though I receive notification for correction.
  3. I’d like to test and improve my translation on a trial instance of Mobilizon. At the the moment I don’t have a server to test it on. Can Framasoft help?
  4. When is Framasoft planning to integrate the translation and what can I do to speed it up?
  5. It is almost impossible to contact Framasoft by email, so I’m writing here.


You can leave comments on translations and mention the user. Another possibility is viewing a translated file history to view details on contributing users.

The mobile app was developed by a 3rd-party contributor, we do not expect it to be worked on in the near future.

You can register to and use the test instance https://instance1.mobilizon.org, which gets regularly updated with the latest code.

In the next release. This process takes time, sorry.

We are a small association and very solicited. Our support form is intended to orient people to the right tool depending on their situation. The forum is suited for this kind of exchange.

Thank you, but your, but your test site at https://instance1.mobilizon.org/ seems to be broken or closed for new registrations. It is impossible to create a new account. Any e-mail address I use is recognized as already in use w Mobilizon, which is impossible, because I had only registered on one Mobilizon instance before. I tried registering with 7 different e-mail addresses and 2 different web browsers.

Is this really necessary?