Wordpress embedding

Is there a way to embed a Peertube video in a wordpress website?
As soon as I click on publish on my wordpress page, the Peertube embed code gets removed.

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Asking the WordPress developers to add support for PeerTube embeds might be a good idea. If nobody else has already asked then I’ll do it later this weekend :slight_smile:

I asked in the wordpress forum before asking here.

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Thanks for the tip, I found your ticket on trac:

According to the update on that ticket, the embed actually works fine. Would you post something along the lines of what you’re trying to do , because I’m thinking maybe I misunderstood your problem.

I have problem into wordpress embedding too using a iframe, but this comes from my peertube yunhost installation that refuses to be embedded from other domains.

Activating console in firefox i got some interesting hint, mainly this one : Load denied by X-Frame-Options

i follow this on our wiki : https://serveur.slv-valbonne.fr/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=slvpublic:problemes_peertube

PeerTube videos now automatically embed by just posting the URL but does anyone know how to set custom dimensions for the embed?