Wordpress plugin for playlist


I just finished a Wordpress plugin for emebed videos from a peertube playlist (public).
Here is the plugin if you are interested : https://wordpress.org/plugins/embed-peertube-playlist/

I just tester on peertube.fr instance, so let me know if there is a bug with others instances.


Thanks for your plugin ! Is it licensed with a free license ? (GPL for instance)

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Yes it’s GPL :slight_smile:


Good ! Don’t forget to mention it ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually the most part of plugins for Wordpress are under GPL licence.
And it’s mentioned in the readme.txt inside the plugin :slight_smile:

Thank You a lot !

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Hi Tixmanu,

How hard is it to add login details to it… this is what I was thinking.
Peertube can setup videos to be only shown to people who are member of the instance (eg require login).
If we can add a username and login details, for example, we create a WordPress user in the peertube instance. Then in theory, only the video’s that that user’s play list can only be seen using this plugin (or if you go into peertub as a member).


  1. add the plugin to wp
  2. create a user eg wordpress
  3. login to peertube instance using user wordpress
  4. display the play lists, which includes the videos that are set to « this instance only » on Peertube

Would that work?

Thanks in advance


I not sure to understand the goal of this.
You ask if it’s possible to display a private peertube video on a public website?
Anyway, i never use credential on Pertube API, i only use to get public data, so i don’t know how it’s work for now.

Hi Tixmanu, thanks for getting back to me.

From what I understand, you can set playlists to « Public, Unlisted and Private ».
You can set a video to « private, unlisted, public and internal »

Internal is so only users of this instance can see this video.
My thing was that if you make a playlist with videos listed internal, you won’t see them if you are not logged in.

So the assumption I make, that if you sent a generic username and password as part of the viewing the play list, you should be able to see the videos in the play list. (I am a noob at coding), for example.

  1. Send a request for a playlist
  2. Send username and password (to login)
    3 login successful and display the list of videos

I might be dreaming, but something like that would be nice, completely transparent for user in Wordpress…



Okay i see now what you mean :slight_smile:
But i don’t know if it’s possible. You need either check how the API work with account login or create a topic with your question to have the answer.

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