Working on a plugin to update a published video

Hi, I’m a french dev with some work to do on, most notably making a plugin to allow updating a published video. That’s currently not possible and doesn’t seem to be in line for a near future, for reasons that are understandable but publishing is restricted in our instance, and those allowed users need that functionnality. I watched 2 of our admins updating a video with the shell, that sure was quite tedious and a plugin doing the same thing certainly would be appreciated. So, as Peertube contributions rules state that any dev work should be told first, here I am :slight_smile:

This plugin would also allow that fonctionnality to some users profiles only (checkboxes in plugin setup), with a textarea so that reasons for video update are explained and logged (along with date and user who did the update).

Also, any tip or advice is welcome as I’m 100% new to Peertube, NodeJS and Typescript, being a PHP/Typo3 and JS/ES6 dev first :D. For now I have a local peertube v4 instance running fine on Docker, installed with some help from an admin. Cheers!

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