Workshop (venue) management features?


Hi there,

many organizations and places that host multi-day events like workshops and seminars face the problem of not having a proper (Free) tool to manage the whole process.

“Whole process” includes:

  • “participant” management (~ ticketing, waiting list, invoice and certificate creation, …)
  • housing management (offering rooms with beds, with features similar to a hotel business)
  • catering management (“how many people eat what where?”, “how many meals does the kitchen have to provide today?”)
  • workshop room and equipment management ("workshop 1 uses the “big room” on friday and saturday, sunday in the small room, because “workshop 2” needs the “big room”)
  • classical accounting of all these tasks

Yes, a lot of business vocabulary in my post (I’d probably describe these issues differently in my native tounge - German).

Is there any plans that mobilizon goes into that direction? I am evaluating whether I should push development of a tool in that direction in the upcoming years or better join the efforts (e.g. with mobilizon, or ERPNext).