Workshop (venue) management features?

Hi there,

many organizations and places that host multi-day events like workshops and seminars face the problem of not having a proper (Free) tool to manage the whole process.

“Whole process” includes:

  • “participant” management (~ ticketing, waiting list, invoice and certificate creation, …)
  • housing management (offering rooms with beds, with features similar to a hotel business)
  • catering management (“how many people eat what where?”, “how many meals does the kitchen have to provide today?”)
  • workshop room and equipment management ("workshop 1 uses the “big room” on friday and saturday, sunday in the small room, because “workshop 2” needs the “big room”)
  • classical accounting of all these tasks

Yes, a lot of business vocabulary in my post (I’d probably describe these issues differently in my native tounge - German).

Is there any plans that mobilizon goes into that direction? I am evaluating whether I should push development of a tool in that direction in the upcoming years or better join the efforts (e.g. with mobilizon, or ERPNext).

Is there any plans that mobilizon goes into that direction?

In a nutshell, no. Mobilizon exists primarily to organize ourselves, it’s not meant as a professional tool for publishing events and managing resources.
What you describe are such advanced features that should have their own dedicated tool, even though Mobilizon may be possible to integrate with it (through an eventual plugin system).

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Thanks for answering. Its pretty much what I needed to hear.