Wrong videos statistics after peertube migration (docker)


I have installed peertube using docker-compose (version 4.2 → migrated to version 5.0 and 5.2). It was working like a charm, but for different reasons I had to migrate it (service and content) to another server and file system.

After the data migration (to my new server and FS), I restarted the service. I was glad to recover It properly, and the instance worked fine (could connect with any user account , found videos… )
However, under the peertube statistics, I don’t see the number of videos anymore. It remains at « 0 videos », while the rest of the statistics seems to be correct (total of views, comments, and data size).

Have you got any idea what is wrong ?

Thx in advance

Can you give your instance URL?


The stats only take into account public videos :slight_smile:

hum, that makes sense :slight_smile:

Thx for you quick answer.