WYSIWYG html editor for video descriptions

I have no particular idea, if it is necessary to do a kind of WYSIWYG but already being able to allow access to the html code of the video description field would allow many users to make more elaborate descriptions easily

I am thinking in particular of the timed history of the videos to make a viewing plan and to make reading tags, currently the links open a new tab in the browser, this does not facilitate navigation for this specific point.

Maybe a module simply allowing the description fields of each video to be « compatible with the Markdown format which also supports custom PeerTube HTML tags » like the INSTANCE HOME PAGE field.

Can you provide a video URL that contains such description?

here is an example description

I found a chaptering solution on another community forum for this exact problem but it’s not ideal, I think the markdown track is a good alternative to meet all the specific needs of custom descriptions.

You can just write 00:52 in the description to link to 52s instead of the full link and PeerTube will automatically create a « timestamp » link.

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It was so easy!! is there documentation?
Thank you so much !

I don’t think we documented that part, but I’ll try to add it in the help button in the upload/edition page